Monday, 10 July 2017


It is High time we called a spade a spade......The major problem of Nigeria at the present Nigeria Democratic government is the likes of bad eggs in the National Assembly.

Doyin Johnson who is the National Chairman of Nigeria Agents of Change and National Vice/Zonal Chairman South West; Coalition of APC support Groups (Amalgamation of All APC certified and Registered Support Groups national wide)
Said in his press briefing in Lagos on Friday that senator GOJE is a confused fellow who lacked focus and leadership qualities combined with greed based on his response to malign and belittle Lagos State House of Assembly As Rubber Stamp Signature because he was accused of abracadabra style to short change National Budget on the road, most especially by the minister in charge Mr. Babatunde Fashola.

Doyin said Goje should not switch to confrontation but to explain to Nigerians why he manipulated the 2017 budget as accused by the minister in order to reduce the performance and achievement of APC government led by President Mohamadu Buhari

It is a known fact that Nigeria roads are in dilapidated conditions which usually claim over 30 lives on a daily basis, hence the required urgent attention.

GOJE and his cohorts should not because of selfish interest or political greed put Nigerians lives at risk at this point in time. We have lost too many lives; the likes of Abubakar Rimi, Comrade Chima ubani and Many others, all to the road accidents  while many have sustained lifetime injuries.

GOJE must publicly apologize to Lagosians and the entire Nation at large for his reckless action most especially on the budget padding

Doyin further said that Nigerians have known the enemies who do not want the change agenda of APC to work for the betterment of the nation

He accused Goje as agent of doom who is ready to destroy at all cost for his personal political ambition.

Goje should tell Nigerians his achievements and the bills he had sponsored as his State House of Assembly Member between 1979 to 1983, likewise His laudable achievements as minister under Obasanjo and Governor of Gombe state for good 10years all together

We Lagosians the true agents of change, will not condone the activities of miscreants in the National Assembly. We have given them enough time of misbehaviors

I challenge Goje to tell us reasons why our budgets of 2016 and 2017 have problems on his table.
Nigeria need clarification on how DANJUMA GOJE emerged as chairman Senate committee on appropriation with his education background as a political scientist  not accountant nor related Field. I guess it was for the Saraki's suicide mission Job, while the likes of many ICAN fellow members are just mere members of census Committee

Doyin Johnson said
Lagos State House of Assembly and her State government has outstanding performance from 1999 to date which can never  be compared to any state assembly in west Africa. He concluded that if Goje does not want his case to be like the goat that went to lions house bragging, he must apologize to Lagos House of Assembly and Nigeria at large with special amendment on the budget to accommodates all the included road for repair in nigeria in the 2017budget.

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