Friday, 5 May 2017


Since I was informed of the demolition of numerous shops at sabo market, allegedly carried out in the early hours of yesterday by unknown persons, I have been making contacts to detect the source of the demolition, so as to know how to handle the matter.

My conversations with the Sole Administrator of Ikorodu Local Government, who has been working round the matter, reveals that the council is yet to know who directed and who enforced the demolition.

The Commisioner for Physical Planning has been emphatic that neither his Ministry nor any of the Agencies under the Ministry is responsible for the act.

However, the State Government has been so concerned and top officials of the Government are currently working with the Commisioner for Physical planing to unravel the seemly cloudy but certainly unfortunate scenario.

While empathizing with victims of the demolition, I plead with all and sundry, particularly those affected, to treat all insinuations and suspicions with caution, so that we do not aggravate this very ugly situation.

Also, I enjoin any one with credible useful information that could assist in the present circumstances to make same available to the  Sole administrator or other public Officer for quick resolution of this  matter.

I am optimistic that the perpetrators will be discovered soon, and resultant justice will be done.

Until then, I shall keep you informed of developments as events unfold.

God bless you all.
Agunbiade S.O.B

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