Friday, 23 June 2017


Our dear denizens of Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA, we have the pleasure to usher you into another voting period, where our fates are determined locally as against the general elections where we have a larger percentage of the nation's population involved.The implication of this is that we can reach a compromise within ourselves to adopt the best candidate whose precedents, antecedents and proven capabilities reflect the ideals desired of a leader capable of moving the LCDA forward.

It is not fallacious to state that issues bedevilling IGBOGBO/Baiyeku LCDA is aberrant and somewhat outlandish as it is conjectured one of the most backward LCDA's in terms of infrastructural Development, Good road network and Security inter Alia albeit a mere surmise without statistical basis however the need to get our priorities right at this point is apposite and crucial as this election will either make or Mar the communities image in years to come.

It is apt to apprise you that leadership and efficiency are Siamese twins that no Ben Carson can separate hence the need to conjure a proactive government with Distinct qualities sufficient to transform our Lcda such as Clarity, which suggests being clear and concise at all times and giving members of the community a privilege to digest their goals in order to decide whether or not to support their cause. Decisiveness, which shows a great consistency in their decision,commitment in their struggle and hardly allows backing out or changing their minds until it becomes absolutely compelling. Courage which shows fearlessness to tackle any societal menace and a clear eye to shrewd imposition or obtrusion from power brokers.

In Today's highly informational and technological environment,it has become increasingly important to have a good communication skills for proper networking as this is akin to the success of any government.we also cannot undermine the need for passion and zeal in the operation of government as it is a proven fact that as long as you are passionate about what you know or care about,it will shine through and people will follow, most importantly while confidence is a very attractive trait in leaders,there is nothing that helps to create a lovable persona than a humble character .Great leaders admit when they are wrong,take criticism as an opportunity for growth, showing the entire world how grateful they are to be where they are demonstrates how much the leadership role is deserved.

The absence of a good action plan is tantamount to failure ab initio and could inhibit the future possibilities of progress for a community headed by such government which is quite inimical, This explains the essence of a POLITICAL DEBATE for all candidate in the Local Government elections in IGBOGBO/BAIYEKU LCDA tagged "The Debate Podium, What Igbogbo Deserve".The primary objective of this is to create a nexus between candidates and electorates giving them ample opportunity to determine the best candidate with the greatest prospect and is most capable of liberating the community from its present shackles.

It becomes imperative and incumbent on a neutral body like Igbogbo Students' Union whose ideology was built on a rostrum of being non-partisan to look beyond party affiliation and create a level playing group devoid of bias, sentiment and prejudice and strictly in the best Interest of the community.

The stage is set for the public speaking treatise coming up 1ST JULY 2017 at Adeboruwa Palace by 10am,it Is on a pacifying note that we appeal to all clubs and associations,significant juggernauts and members of the LCDA to come enmasse as we bring the candidates right before them to decide the community's fate just before the polls.

It is of a fact that a true democratic process must be a reflection of transparency and objectivity, it can be achieved through open societies that share information as when there is information, there is some form of enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions  however where there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption,subjugation and indignation. For the actualization of an innovative and ideologically driven government in IGBOGBO/Baiyeku LCDA, a concerted effort is required and the first step is to join this process aimed at securing the best government for our LCDA.

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