Friday, 2 June 2017


The clock is ticking!  The incessant killing of innocent citizens in Ikorodu division is becoming one too many.  This division is heading towards a state of anarchy, as all esteem leaders,  traditional rulers and other  security operatives have decided to engage in conspiracy of silence regarding the nefarious activities of the dreaded group who is all out to maim, incapacitate and murder innocent and poor citizens for the reason best known to them. The group called BADOO is unleashing mayhem and costly damage upon the people of Ikorodu Division.

The fear of this dreaded group has made the people to turn their homes to maximum prison due to the kinds of burglary and padlocks they used to fortify their homes.  This is very sad and it's becoming unpalatable. Our traditional leaders who are the closest to the people have kept mute on this awful incident.

One would have expected all the traditional rulers in Ikorodu division to take cue from the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo kingdom, HRM Oba Abdulsemiu Orimadegun Kasali whom in the recent past convened all the security operatives in Igbogbo and engaged them on the issue bothering on threat to the security of lives and properties of the people of his community and how to beef up security before the notorious dreaded group spreads to his community.

The total elimination of a family of five brutally murdered in a cold blood should be a clarion call which should immediately trigger an emergency meeting among the traditional rulers to prefer a lasting solution to this menace.

The youths of this division are running out of patience and can no longer fold their arms and watch a faceless group to hold our community hostage.

Why should such barbaric incident continue to thrive under the nose of our traditional leaders? Are the kings all out to keep sacrificing their subjects to the  faceless group. Why haven't they find those behind this ugly practice? It was alleged that some prominent rich people in the society are behind the dreaded group.

Basically, we have had Kings in the recent past who will never tolerate this barbaric attitude that is maligning the entire Ikorodu Division such that it has been nicknamed as  the home of Cultism and Criminality.  Enough is enough!

The quest for power and fame,  get rich quick syndrome and political relevance are some of the things that are necessitating all these barbaric and animalistic behaviour of this dreaded group called BADOO.

Every country of the world are astronomically progressing  scientifically and technologically yet our nation is still in primitive era. The clock has began to tick.  We the youths wants result from our traditional rulers to put a total stop to the menace of BADOO in Ikorodu division before things get out of hand.  Let it be known that he who makes a peaceful change impossible will make a violent change inevitable.

May God save us in Ikorodu Division.

The Publisher, Igbogbo/Baiyeku Info Magazine
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